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Black-bellied Seedcracker, Kalwelwa Bushcamp, Mwinilunga

Your guide to birding in Zambia

Birding Zambia brings Zambia's top birders and conservationists together, to help you enjoy Zambia's astounding wilderness areas and its 782 bird species.

We aim to stimulate birding in Zambia, including in those less known biodiversity jewels, to further conservation and sustainable development.

We offer pre-arranged tours, guided by Zambia's best birders and naturalists. We invite fanatic birders, naturalists and bush lovers to travel with us. We are proud to offer tours also to those areas not covered by other operators.

We provide information on Zambia's 42 Important Bird Areas and other potential destinations, offering linkages with operators and community guides.


Our tours support BirdWatch Zambia, our bird conservation partner. 

Partners in Birding Zambia

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