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Derek Solomon, Frank Willems and Rory McDougall have published Zambia's first digital bird guide (2019). 

For 2 comprehensive reviews see Dutch Birding (in English) and BirdWatch Zambia's magazine The Wattled Crane (November 2019). More reviews can be found in the below section on this page. 

To purchase go to Apple store or Google Play.

Reviews from Google Play Store

I've had this app for a couple of weeks and I love it. It's easy to use, has lovely pictures, just the right amount of information and really useful calls. Plus the absolutely brilliant facility to compare two species using all these features. And recording your own stuff is even doable by a not-so-young, thoroughly technophobic amateur birder. An essential piece of equipment for anyone in, or visiting, Zambia with an interest in the natural world.

Fil Hide

One of the best bird apps there is with understandable text, clear call recordings, accurate distribution maps and a stunning collection of photographs - typically displaying multiple plumage phases. I would highly recommend this app.for anyone even remotely interested in birds.

Daniel Danckwerts

This is the best birding app i have ever used. Very user friendly and to the point. Photos and distrabution maps can be zoomed thus giving one more detail.

Erle Alsworth-Elvey

A very exceptional App. Very useful during field work. I have now started using it for bird count for my institution and personally as a bird enthusiast. I'm getting alot of help from the App identifing species.

Maggie Mwale

An excellent production. Best of it's kind. Strong recommendation to everyone visiting Zambia and surrounds.

Michael Bridgeford

Fantastic & professional! Easy to use, great pictures, clear maps, high quality bird calls and informative text. Well done!

Casper Badenhorst

An all round great app, with quality photos and sound recordings. Good maps and text. A must have for anyone birding in Africa.

Leon Marais

An excellent app. If you're interested in birds, you live in Zambia or just visiting, it's hard to think of a reason not to install this.

Pete Leonard

Very educative and easy to use. The pictures and sound are clearly identifiable.

Gift Mwandila

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