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Mafinga Mountains

Tailored packages

Not finding dates that suit, or looking for something more exclusive? Only have a day (or two)? Our tailored packages aim to suit all preferences – destinations, trip length, style and budgets – with always a focus on experiencing Zambia’s wild places and inhabitants.

In addition to the selection of packages presented here, any (part) of the scheduled tours can be tailored towards your preferences. We will continue to develop packages. Please enquire if you don’t find the package of your preference.

Tour categories include:

  • Birds: tour is fully tailored towards finding the optimal suit of special birds, covering a maximum of sites and habitats

  • Birds & wildlife: tour is a balanced mix of birding and wildlife watching, often in areas with abundant megafauna

  • Birds & bush: spending as much time as feasible in wild places, where the focus is on birding while exploring, typically with ample attention for all wildlife such as reptiles and amphibians



Day or overnight packages from $115 pppd

Racket-tailed Roller (Livingstone area)


Day and overnight packages from $115 pppd

Kasanka bats

& African Pitta

Dates: mid-November to late December: 13 days, 12 nights

Number of people: flexible

Your guides: Frank Willems and Leslie Reynolds (both worked in Kasanka National Park)

Package type: Birds & Wildlife 

Accommodation: 3 star lodging

African Pitta





Dates: any time of year

Number of people: flexible

Package type: Birds & Bush 

Accommodation: comfortable mobile camping

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