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Birding Zambia was initiated by Frank Willems & Inge Akerboom (Frank Willems Guiding / Kigelia Solutions) and Tessa Prior (Waterberry Lodge) in 2020. With this initiative, we hope to bundle efforts to stimulate birdwatching and ensure you will have an unforgettable birding experience. At the same time, we hope this will further conservation in Zambia, by providing information and linkages with (hence supporting) specialized operators and community-based guides, while also raising essential funds for BirdWatch Zambia and selected conservation projects.
Although we operate on a commercial basis to ensure the viability, we sincerely hope this initiative will prove beneficial to birders, operators and conservation.


Team members

Frank Willems

Guide and owner of Birding Zambia


Frank Willems Guiding and Ecology

Leslie Reynolds

Wouter van Spijker

Inge Akerboom

Manager and owner Birding Zambia 


Kigelia Solutions

Tessa Prior

Owner Birding Zambia

Waterberry Lodge


Partners in Birding Zambia

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Birding Zambia 


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